Find peace in this crazy world 

For a busy Saturday morning. Day 3 of Developing Your Eye course- Water 💦. 


Today’s theme reminds me of this beautiful view in Adelaide, South Australia. I captured this in my business trip there 2 months ago and I’m glad I did. It is a very peaceful place with friendly people. I usually think of it when this crazy world makes me tired.

I love my job. But there are days that everything just do not go well, that all troubles seem flowing in at the same time and I feel stressed and overload and so much pressure. And I hate it.

These days I just want to run away, to escape from this world. I just want to go back to Adelaide, to stand in the bridge and look at this peaceful river, to wander in the street covered with yellow leaves and to feel the wind blowing through my hairs. And I feel calm.

The older I am, the more I want to have peace in mind.

— K. —

Sad Friday

I’m breathless

Falling down

Sinking into my own sadness

What I feel

Our connection

Has it ever been real?

I’m so torn

Sky’s so grey

Those memories won’t fade…

Made me laugh

Made me cry

They’re part of this messy life

— K. —


🎵 I’m Forbidden 🎵

Hi guys,

Welcome back 😉

Music time again 😋 Today’s prompt reminds me of this song right away: I’m Forbidden by Thanh Bui – a Vietnamese singer.

Don’t worry it’s an English song and I bet you would like it. His voice is just awesome. He used to be in the Australian Idols😊

The reasons I think of this song? Because of its title?Yes! And also because of its lyrics. The chorus keeps repeating I’m forbidden, yes forbidden. I’m forbidden to say that I love you!, just like the man is shouting out loud in despair.😔

The lyrics don’t tell the whole story, but I can imagine that it’s a triangle relationship the man is in. He is struggling with his own, head says no, heart says yes. He is stuck. Being in such a relationship is really stuck. But I think no one should be blamed. It’s destiny’s fault. I have watched a movie called 5 to 7. It’s about a married woman falling in love with a young, single man. They can only meet from 5 to 7 everyday but their feeling was so strong that they thought they was made for each other. The woman felt like that was the first time she really fell in love. One day, the man couldn’t stand not having her with him all the time, he decided to propose to her and she bursted into tears of happiness. However she couldn’t accept it. She had 2 children and wanted to give them and full family. She couldn’t just follow her own happiness. And they were separated.

That was a sad movie. Just like this song. The man found himself forbidden to just say I love you, as I’m damned if I do, shamed if I don’t…

It’s true that loving can hurt sometimes (this one is in another song lol). Okey, it’s now time for you to listen to it for yourself. Do let me know how you feel 😉

Good night to me and good day to some of you 😊

– K. –

🎶 Mad world 🎶

I love songs and I love singing. I feel like I can express myself a lot when I sing. Music is like a miracle therapy! ✨🎶🎵🎶🎵🌟

Recently I’ve just discovered a new song (well, not sure if it’s really new but it’s new to me 😋) and I love it! It’s Mad world by Hardwell 🙂 

This song is about a man who had been living his life in grey and sadness until someone came and color it, made it more beautiful. He felt like his crazy world full of bad things was turned to amazing! The melody of the song is lovely. Its fast but gentle rhythm seems to transfer the man’s happiness to listeners, telling them his life is now full of lights 🙂

This is actually not a new plot, but putting into this song, it creates a new feeling, at least to me 😊 When I come home after a long day at work, I listen to it and imagine the mad world become amazing, and I feel very pleased!

If you haven’t listened to it, give it a try!

If you have and feel the same way, give me a like 😋

-K. –

Dream island

If there’s an island
Just for us
Will you come and stay?

Where life is not a mess
Out of stress
Where life is not just work
No burden

Where all pains are healed
Where no fight, no kill
Where all night all day
We sing and we play

Where distance is nothing
Our hands are holding
We could do everything
Each day is amazing!…

But honey
If there’s no such island
Just for us
Will you still come and stay?

– K. –

Daily promt – Island

Quote I like today

Enter a caption

When I first read this quote, I feel like its author was talking to me. Now I want to tell it to someone who has sneaked in my life for 74 days.

I don’t know why God brought you to me, but I’m sure he has his reasons. It’s not you or me who came late; I belive we met “at exactly the right moment”. If it was at another time or in another places, I wouldn’t have caught your attention. I’m glad I did 🙂

For those who stop by my blog, I want to sing to you an English version of a Vietnamese song I love (which I translated 😋). Well, let your imagination fly, just think that I am singing, ok?

Sometimes walking on the road
I wonder where we are heading to
If that day you didn’t walk to me
We didn’t meet, where we are now?

Sometime looking at the clock
I think about the meaning of time
If that day, in a different time
Would you still catch my eyes?

Happy weekend, guys 😊😊😊

– K. –

—Updated 07/07/2015–

This is also for task on Day 5 of my Everyday Inspiration course 🙂

Twilight or dawn


You think this photo was taken at dawn or at twilight?

I took it at twilight, after a heavy rain, but still feel like it has captured the beginning of sunrise. Everything looks so fresh and clean after the rain. I feel thankful to think that all dirts in the city are wipped out, and so are my stress.

A long day is about to over. Sun is gonna rise and give us a new great day.

Wish you all have a wonderful day 🙂



Is it bad to deprive someone of something? Eventhough you didn’t mean it?

It is bad to me somehow. I feel guilty to think that I would deprive the happiness of someone and wonder how I could enjoy it as my own happiness. I think something will be deprived of me one day, as a consequence. And I’m trying not to do the wrong thing.

There is a fight inside me.

Write for Daily one-word prompt – Deprive

Fresh start

I haven’t been writting for so long, 7 years propably since I finished High School. I was busy with new life at uni, in another city, with new love (1st love actually). Other social media also became more popular at that time, so yeh I lost my interest in writing. I got it back recently after I read a novel, and I felt emotional, I want to write something.
Many things has changed in the last 7 years. Now I realize that I have been building myself a fence – an invisible fence. A fence to protect myself from being hurt, from failure, from making mistakes. I feel so safe in my comfort zone that I don’t want to take any risk, I don’t want to change anything.
One morning I get up and suddenly feel sick of my own fence. I want to break it, I want to experience new things. I want a change. I’m still too young to bury myself with a boring life.
And now I’m writing this 🙂 Haven’t figure out how I would change yet, but yeh coming back to writing could be a start of changing 🙂

— Updated 07/07/2016–

I have just started the Finding Everyday Inspiration course. This one could be the best answer to my Day 1 task: I write because… 😊
Daily Prompt – Fence