I feel funny now. Really! I’ve just had a funny morning! An unpredictable one.

Sunday morning. As usual, I went to the Highland Coffee, got myself a cup of iced milk coffee and a small cake. I enjoyed sitting alone there and continue reading my favourite novel – After you by Jojo Moyes.

I was in chaper 15, when Clark came home after work, finding her boyfriend waiting for her in the door. Because of a misundertaking, she thought she was a fool to him and didn’t answer his call for several weeks. So at that time, seeing him there, she tried to ignore him and got inside as soon as possible. However she couldn’t find her key and later on realized that she left it inside. She just locked herself out. That situation, however gave them sometimes to talk and finally figure out that all was just a misunderstanding. Problem solved. They were then all good, and I was happy with that!

Then I went home and unexpectedly got myself in the same situation. My ex was waiting for me in my door (again ^^!). I ignored him, got my key but I couldn’t get inside. My door was locked inside accidentally!!! It was so hilarious. The difference is there was no misunderstanding between us, I just didn’t want to continue with him. It was over and he didn’t accept it. Nothing was solved. He and my neighbor helped me to open the door, after that I told him to go home coldly and got inside. I know I was so mean to him, but I don’t want to give him a hope. There is no more hope.

Similar situations can happen to us in life, but the results are different. That’s just life.

Happy weekend, guys!!

— K. —


4 thoughts on “An Unpredictable Morning

  1. That is quite the coincidence, and pretty ironic you just read about it in a book. But that is true that as much a situations maybe very similar, the outcome can often be drastically different. As for my opinion, I think it’s good you sent him home. Last thing you’d want is to send the wrong message across and cause confusion to a situation that has already reached its closure.


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