Do you easily get lost?

I do.

I can be good at manythings, but not at remembering directions. When I come to a new place and although people have showed me the way to somewhere, I still get lost if I go on my own. Feels like my brain doesn’t have the function of locating places. It can remember clearly any other things except directions. And I even get lost in my dreams. Many times.

I think when I sleep, my mind travels to other places. I dream every night, but can only remember some. However, there is a dream that I have seen many times: I got to somewhere – I couldn’t find the way back –  there was someone to help me – I found the way out, but I never got out of that place because I have already waken up (!). The places changed everytime, but the plot didn’t. Sometimes I went to the countryside which had complex paths and many bridges, and I even had to swim across the river. Sometimes I saw I was still in high school, but the school had many weird stairs that were all built erected. Sometimes I went to a strange place that I may have seen in movies (^^) and it had different walls and rooms which made me lost….

If dreams have some connections with real life, I think my dreams have done a great job. It reflects correctly my reality: I’m on the way finding myself.

To this point of my life, I have done what my parents expected: completed a degree, got a stable job and be able to support myself. But I think I’m still lost. I have never followed any plans. Everything turned to a different direction in the last minute and turned out that they were good choices for me. It all happened by chances. But seriously, I think I need a plan, a goal to follow. And while there’s no goal, I’m lost. Lost in this life of complexity. Lost in finding my passions. What is my big target in life? Who I want to become? They are still unsolved questions.

I’ve just got up and feel lost again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

P/s: Although there is not the word “journey” in this post, I think it’s about Journey – Life journey!

— K. —


10 thoughts on “Several Words About Getting Lost

  1. I also come in the category of lost people… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cheers!
    Btw, I love this quote and it related to your post…
    “A person without ambition is no different than a bird without wings!”

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  2. I can completly relate to the feeling of feeling lost, even at moments when I have done everything that I planned out. Especially how you talked about going to college and getting a stable job, yet still feeling lost. It is amazing how sometimes everything goes as planned but how quickly it can feel you are at a stand still in life with out a real direction or path to head down. I for one have been experiencing a similar situation. I spent the past five years building up my resume to be a qualified commercial driver, only to lose it all in an instant. I was shot in the eye with a paintball losing my eye sight in one eye, therefore being forced to give up my commercial license due to the impairment in my sight. The only thing I could think of when it all happen was what would I do now? Everything I worked towards was taken way from me, I spent the past five years of my life working towards that goal. Only for it to come to a halt in a matter of seconds. Then I thought about how grim the situation felt but at the same time how lucky I was that it only damaged one eye. I then decided it was time for a change, a time for a new path to be taken. My point is no matter how lost you may feel, situations always change. These changes whether they’re bad or good, they spice up your life. The adventures you experience finding your way from being lost, are adventures that are unforgettable. Every path taken to find your way defines you as an individual, builds your charecter and build relationships with those that lend a helping hand to help you find your way.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear your story. I could imagine how it feel when you get so close to achieving your goal but you never reach it. Life is such a mess, but yes it’s changing and it’s good that you keep a positive attitute. Hope you keep moving forward in your new adventure and reach your new goal soon πŸ™‚
      Thank you for stopping by. Your blog looks quite dark anyway. Configure it. Add some color πŸ˜‰


      1. Thank you, I hope all my new goals go well and I will reach them. I know the adventure to achieving them will be fun all in its own. Life can be a mess but it’s always rewarding when you get it all sorted out. And like I always told people before, with out the bad, we’d never learn to appreciate the good. I will always try to look for the positive in every situation that I encounter. As for my blog I do agree it needs some color, it’s a bit dark and grim right now, hopefully I’ll have some time soon to configure it and make it a bit more positive and lively looking.

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