Hi guys,

Welcome back 😉

Music time again 😋 Today’s prompt reminds me of this song right away: I’m Forbidden by Thanh Bui – a Vietnamese singer.

Don’t worry it’s an English song and I bet you would like it. His voice is just awesome. He used to be in the Australian Idols😊

The reasons I think of this song? Because of its title?Yes! And also because of its lyrics. The chorus keeps repeating I’m forbidden, yes forbidden. I’m forbidden to say that I love you!, just like the man is shouting out loud in despair.😔

The lyrics don’t tell the whole story, but I can imagine that it’s a triangle relationship the man is in. He is struggling with his own, head says no, heart says yes. He is stuck. Being in such a relationship is really stuck. But I think no one should be blamed. It’s destiny’s fault. I have watched a movie called 5 to 7. It’s about a married woman falling in love with a young, single man. They can only meet from 5 to 7 everyday but their feeling was so strong that they thought they was made for each other. The woman felt like that was the first time she really fell in love. One day, the man couldn’t stand not having her with him all the time, he decided to propose to her and she bursted into tears of happiness. However she couldn’t accept it. She had 2 children and wanted to give them and full family. She couldn’t just follow her own happiness. And they were separated.

That was a sad movie. Just like this song. The man found himself forbidden to just say I love you, as I’m damned if I do, shamed if I don’t…

It’s true that loving can hurt sometimes (this one is in another song lol). Okey, it’s now time for you to listen to it for yourself. Do let me know how you feel 😉

Good night to me and good day to some of you 😊

– K. –


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