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When I first read this quote, I feel like its author was talking to me. Now I want to tell it to someone who has sneaked in my life for 74 days.

I don’t know why God brought you to me, but I’m sure he has his reasons. It’s not you or me who came late; I belive we met “at exactly the right moment”. If it was at another time or in another places, I wouldn’t have caught your attention. I’m glad I did 🙂

For those who stop by my blog, I want to sing to you an English version of a Vietnamese song I love (which I translated 😋). Well, let your imagination fly, just think that I am singing, ok?

Sometimes walking on the road
I wonder where we are heading to
If that day you didn’t walk to me
We didn’t meet, where we are now?

Sometime looking at the clock
I think about the meaning of time
If that day, in a different time
Would you still catch my eyes?

Happy weekend, guys 😊😊😊

– K. –

—Updated 07/07/2015–

This is also for task on Day 5 of my Everyday Inspiration course 🙂


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