So soft and so white
So free and so bright
Line up in the sky
Make me wanna fly

Remind me of a day
A guy come and say
“Are u gonna stay
And lighten things up your way?”

Daily prompt – Clouds

–Updated 07/07/2016–

This is also for Day 3’s task of my Everyday Inspiration course.


9 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Ever since the demise of my mom on May 22 in Hong Kong Government Hospital, I now like to look at the clouds even more and more, when I go out daily.

    I lost my dad 9 years ago Chinese New Year’s Eve, and now my mom’s gone to join him, so they got to be somewhere in the clouds, though I am not really sure where. I truly believe that is where heaven is, and where they will be looking down on us, be it rocky times, or smooth sailing times.

    Thus clouds may be angels, in my view.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure your parents are in heaven and are watching you everyday.
      I hope your pain will be healed soon and u can move on in your life.
      I agree clouds are angels, just don’t look at them when they turn grey 😉
      Have a great weekend 😊


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